Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood (Season 6 Episode 6 Spoiler)

Beyond the Wall, Bran Stark and Meera Reed are still trying to escape from the wights, who are still chasing them from the cave. Bran, who is still in his visions, observes multiple events; Jaime Lannister killing Aerys Targaryen, he also sees a dragon flying over the Red Keep, he has another one that shows his paralyzing fall at Winterfell. He then sees a vision of the Night King turning Craster’s last son into a White Walker, the killing at Hardhome, and the execution of Ned Stark. Then his visions move on to reveal the murder of Catelyn Stark; his mother and Robb Stark; his brother at the Red Wedding, he also sees a wildfire engulf King’s Landing from beneath.

The wights begin to catch up to them but a black-clad rider shows up and kills some of the wights, helping Meera and Bran onto his horse as they all flee together. At Horn Hill, Sam, Gilly and Little Sam arrive, which is the home to the House Tarly. Sam instructs Gilly not to reveal that she is a Wildling because his father; Randyll hates them. The duo is welcomed by Melessa; Sam’s mother and Talla; Sam’s sister.

During dinner with the Tarlys, Randyll openly insults Sam for his love of books, for being overweight and also about his inability to fight. Gilly goes on to defend Sam by stating that Sam had killed a Thenn and a White Walker. Dickon; Sam’s brother goes on to proclaim that White Walkers weren’t real but Gilly remark that she saw Sam kill it with her own eyes, accidentally revealing her Wildling background. Randyll is irritated by this and further insults Sam and Gilly, and this causes Talla to exit the room in anger with Talla and Gilly. Randyll goes on to tell Sam that Gilly and Little Sam would be allowed to stay back at Horn Hill but he must never return again.

Sam goes on to say goes on to say goodbye to Gilly but eventually changes his mind and moves on to take her and Little Sam to the Citadel with him. As they all leave together, Sam takes the ancestral Valerian steel sword of House Tarly; Heartsbane, along with him. In Braavos, Arya goes back to observe the play which featured Lady Crane a second time. She sneaks backstage and poisons Lady Crane’s rum during the final scene. When she is about to leave she is met by Lady Crane and the two talk about acting and her younger days.

While in the dressing room with Lady Crane, Arya prevents her from drinking her rum, telling her that her rival; Bianca was trying to kill her. Unknown to her, the Waif sees this and goes back to tell Jaqen H’ghar of Arya’s actions. Jaqen goes on to grant the Waif his permission to execute Arya, only if she makes sure that Araya does not suffer. Arya heads off to get her sword; Needle, from where she had hidden it between the rocks and then brings it back with her to her room. In King’s Landing, The High Sparrow and King Tommen gets ready for Queen Margaery’s walk of atonement.

The High Sparrow permits Tommen to see Margaery; his wife and he realizes that Margaery has become a faithful of the religion of the Faith of the Seven and has also repented of her sins, just as the High Sparrow had wanted her to. Jaime and Mace Tyrell lead a batch of Tyrell soldiers to the Great Sept of Baelor, through the streets of King’s Landing. Together, they head straight to where the High Sparrow is showing Margaery to the citizens of King’s Landing. Jaime goes on to instruct the High Sparrow to let Margaery and Loras go while threatening to wage a battle against the Faith Militant. The High Sparrow goes on announce that Margaery will not need to go through a walk of atonement, as he reveals King Tommen, stating that Tommen has decided to unite the Faith and the Crown.

Mace Tyrell goes on to question Lady Olenna Tyrell; his mother, on what this implies, and she goes on to tell him that it means that the High Sparrow has won. In the throne room, King Tommen goes on to sack Jaime as his Kingsguard, much to Jaime’s surprise, to punish him for trying to fight the Faith. In a discussion with Cersei, Jaime tells her that he been instructed to drive out Blackfish from Riverrun, but that he would rather stay and destroy the Faith Militant to release Tommen from the influence of the High Sparrow. Cersei issues him a firm warning that if he goes ahead with his plan, he will be killed and ultimately never save Tommen.

Cersei goes on to advise Jaime to lead the Lannister army straight to Riverrun, as a show of force to their rivals. They move on to talk about Cersei’s imminent Trial, she does not seem to be concerned and goes on to state that it would be a trial by combat and since she has Ser Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane as her fighter, she is not afraid about being judged guilty. Cersei and Jaime start to kiss, then start to have sex. At the Twins, Lord Walder Frey is informed that Riverrun has been taken over by Brynden Tully (Blackfish); Catelyn’s uncle and a faithful officer of Robb Stark’s army.

Walder goes on to scold Lothar Frey and Black Walder Rivers; his sons, who were under instructions to keep the castle safe. The duo goes on to defend their defeat, stating that many Riverlords, consisting of Mallister and House Blackwood, have gone against the Frey’s, and the Brotherhood Without Banners are ransacking their supplies and camps. Walder goes on to order that the Tully stronghold should be taken back, and makes up his mind that he will not be humiliated for not being able to defend a single castle. He instructs that Edmure Tully is to be brought to him, after being held captive in a prison since the Red Wedding. Walder proclaims that they will use Edmure to take Riverrun back.

In the Dothraki Sea, Daenerys talks Daario about the number of ships she would require to journey across the Narrow Sea with the Dothraki, the Unsullied and the Second Sons. Daario goes on to estimates that Daenerys would need about 1,000 ships to transport her entire army. Daenerys witnesses a suspicious gust of wind, and heads out alone on a horse. Daario tries to follow her but Drogon flies over the khalasar with Daenerys on its back. Daenerys goes on to gather the Dothraki people by telling that she chooses them to be her bloodriders, instead of the traditionally chosen khals, who are three in number. She goes on to question if they would follow her across the sea to assist her in retaking the Seven Kingdoms, and they all agree to help her.

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