Game of Thrones: No One (Season 6 Episode 8 Spoiler)

In the Riverlands, Sandor Clegane locates a few of the members of the Brotherhood Without Banners and mercilessly kills them all while he continues his search for their master. He then meets Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr who are getting ready to hang the perpetrators of the village killings. Sandor goes on to request that Beric allows him to hang the men involved with the murders, and Beric obliges. Beric and Thoros finally attempt to recruit Sandor into the Brotherhood, telling him that they plan to journey North to battle the White Walkers and they could use his skills.

Meanwhile, Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne eventually arrive at Riverrun, ultimately reuniting with Jaime Lannister and Bronn. Brienne goes on to tell Jaime that she has come to enlist the help of the Blackfish and the Tully army on behalf of Sansa, however, Jaime informs her that he is currently besieged in Riverrun and has refused to hand over the castle to them. Brienne goes on to request that if Jaime is able to persuade the Blackfish to surrender the castle, then Jaime should grant the Blackfish and the Tully army safe passage to the North, which Jaime agrees to. Jaime, however, gives Brienne until nightfall to come through with her plan. Brienne goes on to give Jaime back the Oathkeeper, telling him that she has finished her mission.

Jaime goes on to tell Brienne to keep the Oathkeeper because it belongs to her, and the Brienne heads off to try to persuade the Blackfish. The Blackfish refuses to leave Riverrun, even after showing sympathy for Sansa’s troubles. Meanwhile, Jaime discusses with Edmure Tully in an attempt to get him to cooperate with him, by tempting him with an offer to see his newborn son, whom he has never laid eyes on. Jaime goes on to offer to have him hand his family sent to Casterly Rock, where they will be far from the Frey’s.

Edmure goes on to mock Jaime for all his past atrocities, questioning how he can live with the guilt of knowing he did those things. Jaime goes on to tell Edmure of his intention to take back Riverrun in order to get back to being with Cersei, and that he would do anything to achieve this, even if he has to murder every Tully in existence, even Edmure and his son. Jaime then sends Edmure to negotiate with the Blackfish, and regardless of Blackfish’s lamentation, the Tully soldiers grant Edmure access to the castle. Edmure goes on to instruct his men to hand over Riverrun and then instructs his men to capture the Blackfish. The Blackfish goes on to assists Brienne and Podrick in getting away, then stays back to fight to the death. Jaime receives word about the death of the Blackfish, and sees Brienne and Podrick making the way to the river, the Jaime and Brienne sadly wave each other goodbye.

In Meereen, the Red Priests have gone ahead to spread the pro-Daenerys propaganda as agreed, Tyrion and Varys observe as Meereen goes back to its normal activities. Varys strongly warns Tyrion not to trust the Red Priests then journeys to Westeros with a secret objective to find allies and ships. After this, Tyrion has a drink with Grey Worm and Missandei then tries to make them laugh by teaching them humor and making jokes. Their banter is cut short as a fleet sent by the masters shows up and starts to attack Meereen, then Missandei informs the group that the attackers have come to take back their “property”. As the attack prolongs into the night, Tyrion speaks with Grey Worm on the strategy they would employ, as Daenerys comes back to the city, landing at the peak of the Great Pyramid with Drogon.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, the Faith Militant, under the leadership of Lancel Lannister and with the permission of King Tommen Baratheon, arrive to take Cersei to meet with the High Sparrow, who is now being referred to as High Septon. Cersei adamantly refuses to leave with the Faith Militant, causing one of them to try to attack, but he is fatally murdered by Gregor Clegane. When Cersei realizes that the rest of the Faith Militant are now afraid of Gregor, she goes on to state that the Red Sparrow is free to come and meet with her at the Red Keep. Cersei later attends a royal announcement by Tommen but Kevan Lannister (her Uncle who is now the Hand of the King) does not allow her to stand by Tommen’s side. Tommen goes on to announce the dates for the trials of Loras and Cersei’s trials and then declares that in his discussions with the High Sparrow, he has decided to end the practice of trial by combat, as a way of ending conflicts. Cersei grows worried about the idea of undergoing a trial by the seven Septons. Qyburn later informs Cersei about the “rumor” that she has instructed him to investigate the matter and goes on to tell her that it is “more, much more”.

In Braavos, Lady Crane heads back to her chambers to find Arya Stark injured and in hiding. She goes on to assist her in stitching her wounds and thanks Arya for her initial warning, informing her that she was able to mutilate the face of her would-be killer and fire her from the acting company. Lady Crane offers Arya an opportunity to join her company, but Arya turns her down, informing her that she has plans to head to Westeros to see the edge of the world.

While Arya is still recovering from her wounds, the Waif shows up and murders Lady Crane, attempting to kill Arya too. Arya escapes to the streets while being closely pursued by the Waif, and the Waif draws near, Arya uses her small sword; Needle, to cut a candle, hence, darkening the room. Since Arya had been trained in the darkness for weeks, she is able to subdue the Waif. At the house of Black and White, Jaqen H’ghar discovers a blood trail and traces it to the Hall of Faces where he discovers the Waif’s face.

Arya goes on to point her sword at Jaqen, and Jaqen finally congratulates Arya, proclaiming that she has successfully become “No One”. Arya goes on to turn down the title, stating that her identity is still Arya Stark and then decides to take her leave, stating that she is going home, while Jaqen proudly observes as Arya walks out.

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