Game of Thrones: The Broken Man (Season 6 Episode 7 Spoiler)

In the North, Jon Snow, and Davos Seaworth have begun their search for allies with Sansa Stark who will help them in their mission to reclaim Winterfell from the rule of the Bolton’s. They go on to ally with the Wildlings first as they are still indebted to Jon for saving their lives at the attack on Hardhome, also the Wildlings know that if they stand by and watch, the Bolton’s would kill them all. The group also secure the allegiance of the House of Mormont after Lady Lyanna Mormont is warned by Ser Davos, of how dangerous the White Walkers are. They, however, fail at recruiting the aid of House Glover, because Lord Robert Glover explicitly states that Robb Stark was unable to save his own kingdom from the Ironborn.

After they are done with their scout, Jon and Sansa are only successful at recruiting the help of a few minor houses of the North. This allows them to grow their army by a few extra hundred soldiers, and even though this is not sufficient to faceoff against Bolton’s army, Jon still demands that they launch an attack on Winterfell as soon as they can. This is because he wants the attack to be launched before Bolton has a chance to recruit the help of other armies and winter comes. Sansa does not agree with Jon’s idea, remarking that they go on to enlist the help of more houses. Jon remains adamant and this causes Sansa to go ahead to write a letter to be delivered by a raven.

In King’s Landing, Queen Margaery Tyrell is scolded by the High Sparrow, stating that she has to give King Tommen an heir. He goes on to tell her that she should also attempt to convert her grandmother Olenna Tyrell to a follower of the Faith. Olenna, on the other hand, tries to persuade Margaery to head back to Highgarden with her. Margaery turns her down, remarking that being Queen, she is meant to stay with King Tommen. Margaery goes on to secretly hand over a piece of paper with the sigil of House Tyrell drawn on it, revealing that her loyalty still lies with her family, and after seeing this, Olenna finally agrees to take her leave.

Cersei meets up with Olenna to confront her and persuade not to leave, but instead, to stay and fight the Sparrows. Olenna goes on to tell Cersei that the battle has already been lost and the Sparrow’s have won and finally risen to power due to Cersei’s inability to anticipate their actions. Regardless of the fact that Cersei lacks allies in King’s Landing, she makes a decision to stay and fight the Sparrows.

Meanwhile, in Volantis, the Iron Fleet led by Theon and Yara Greyjoy, arrive to replenish their supplies. While Yara enjoys the company of a female Volantene prostitute, she attempts to help Theon revive his former identity and confidence. This is because she requires his help to lead the Iron Fleet to Meereen and ally with Daenerys Targaryen before they are caught by Euron Greyjoy.

In Braavos, Arya is able to secure a ride back to Westeros after she bribes a Westerosi trader. She is however ambushed by the Waif at a nearby bridge, where the Waif stabs her in the stomach many times while wearing the face of an old woman. Arya goes on to resist the Waif and barely escapes with her life by leaping into the water beneath the bridge and swimming away. After leaving the water, Arya who is now barely able to walk, limps through the streets, fatally injured.

In the Riverlands, the Lannister army is led by Jaime and Bronn to Riverrun. In Riverrun, Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers try to force the Blackfish to give up their castle by issuing threats of killing Edmure Tully. The Blackfish goes on to disregard their threats, refusing to surrender. Jaime is irritated by the inability of the Frey’s to take control of the attack, and orders for Edmure to be bathed and fed. Jaime then goes on to try to negotiate with the Blackfish by issuing a strong warning that the Lannisters will not have any form of mercy on the Tully’s if they refuse to hand over the castle. The Blackfish disregards Jaime’s warnings and goes on to dare him to attempt to take the castle by force. He finally proclaims that the Tully’s have enough supplies in stock for them to wait out the Lannister attack.

Meanwhile, Sandor “the Hound” Clegane is revealed to have survived his wounds and now lives with a small group of villagers. Ray, the leader of the village group, who happens to be a warrior turned Septon discusses with Sandor about how he had found him almost dead and cared for him until he was well. Nonetheless, Sandor experiences feelings of guilt for his past atrocities and has a constant feeling that he deserves to be punished for them. During a gathering, three men from the Brotherhood Without Banners show up and try to extort the villagers and when they realize that the villagers have nothing of value, they take their leave.

Sandor goes on to warn Ray that the Brotherhood will come back and hence they should be prepared but Ray does not agree to make preparations for an ambush. Sandor later heads out into the forest to retrieve some wood, and upon his return, he finds out that the villagers have all been killed and Ray has been hanged. In anger, Sandor heads out with an axe.

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