Game of Thrones: The Pointy End (Season 1 Episode 8 Spoiler)

We start episode eight with Jon and Sam arriving at Castle Black with two dead bodies, who are identified as missing members of Benjen Stark’s ranging group. His Uncle’s horse has returned from the North of the Wall but his Uncle is nowhere to be found.

A raven arrives at Castle Black with the news of Ned’s arrest. Jon is devastated and has second thoughts, but Mormont reminds him of his vows and tells him not to do anything stupid.

At night, Jon’s wolf Ghost wakes Jon from his sleep, Ghost appears jittery. The wolf leads him to the Lord Mormont’s chambers, where he finds a white, the reanimated corpse of the missing watchman. He tries to kill it with his sword, but it does no harm to the white. Only when Mormont appears with an oil lamp, Jon throws it at white, which destroys it. The Night’s Watch decides to burn the bodies to prevent them from “turning” into the undead whites.

On way from the Eyrie, Tyrion and Bronn are attacked by the mountain tribes. The tribe captures them, but Tyrion promises them a lot of gold if they come with him and join the Lannister’s army, which they accept.

At Winterfell, Robb has summoned all his bannermen and is preparing to march south to confront with the Lannister army.

Bran is praying in front of the heart three when Osha comes in with the story of the Old Gods of the Forest. She contends Rob should be marching north with his army, not south because an army of the dead is gathering and preparing for the march south.

In the Neck, Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel intercept Robb’s army. She advises him not to lose, otherwise, Lannister will show no mercy to Sansa, Arya, and Ned.

Later, Rob discusses the military strategy with his lords- whether to march against Lord Tywin’s army or Jaime’s. In order to get to Jaime, they need to cross the River Trident. The only crossing holds house Frey of the Twins.

Tyrion and his company arrive at the Lannister Camp, and his father Tywin is urging him to fight next to the hill tribe, which horrifies Tyrion, as he is not a soldier, but a man of knowledge.

Across the sea, khalasaar has begun to march to the Narrow Sea. Dothraki raid a village in Lhazar, a peaceful country, which disturbed Daenerys a lot, as she is horrified by the killing and raping. She orders stopping that practice, which annoyed Dothraki as they are used to take the spoils of the war. Drogo agrees with Daenerys and one warrior is outraged by it and start a fight with Drogo. Drogo kills him but is wounded. Daenerys insists to heal the wound and takes one of the women from the village called Mirri Maz Duur to treat Drogo.

Arya is practicing ‘dancing’ lesson with Syrio Forel when they are interrupted by Lannister soldiers who say Ned sent them to find Arya. Arya refuses to go with them and they try by force to take her, but Syrio stops them. Arya runs through the tunnels of the Red Keep to escape.

Arya to the stables, searching for her sword Needle among her scattered belongings. A stable boys attempts to grab her in an effort to get a reward from the queen. In a reflex action, Arya plunges the blade into the boy’s stomach, sticks him with the pointy end; first time Arya has killed someone.

Cersei and the remained members of the small council force Sansa to write latter to Robb saying that Ned’s faith depends on what Robb and his allies will do.

Kind Joffrey holds court and Ser Barristan Selmy is to be dismissed out of the Kingsguard. He is confused, as Kingsguard serves for life. He storms off, throwing his sword.

What is really happening North of the Wall? Are the old nan’s stories really true? Are cold winds rising?

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